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Community Calendar for Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013
5, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 607 N. Greene St., GB. Schneider talks about her new book which touches on fear, freedom, joy, forgiveness, social justice, death. Book signing follows. Free. (275) 544-1225 or
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Humane Society sues Raleigh for rejecting bus ad about caged pigs
Some ideas given were make a cartoon pig in a small bus seat looking sad, or a slogan like 'don't blog, help the hog.' ” Pennell pointed to the bus service's advertising policy, which bans any ads that “may be construed to reflect endorsement” by the …
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Steve Jobs: Prophet of a new religion
For all the debate about what is really the “fastest-growing religion” in America, the data is pretty conclusive: If “None of the Above” had a headquarters, its membership would only be exceeded by the Catholic Church. (Of course, to paraphrase the old …
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